Vacuum Massager MS 300V

Type: Product Capacity: 210 liters
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Vacuum Massager MS 300V

Vacuum Tumbler is used for plasticizing and massaging the muscles at production of high-quality meat in meat processing factories.

The main advantage of this machine is pulsing vacuum, which stretches the muscle, and causes greater absorption of pickling brine.

Meat becomes juicy and brittle. The muscles are massaged in a closed drum of tumbler by using gravity.

This Machine has a single spiral blade. In this unloading is much more effective, especially in case of small pieces of meat, construction of single spiral blade and “inspection window” on the side of tumbling drum allows to keep it clean.

Designed for:

  • Small, medium and large meat processing factories
  • Laboratories, restaurants, supermarkets, catering
  • Plasticizing and massaging muscles, meat elements, carcasses, smoked meat
  • Plasticizing and massaging poultry
  • Marinating, preserving, pickling of meat
  • Mixing and salting of meat
  • Pickling, preserving and flavoring fish and seafood.

The main construction features:

  • The unique blade system ensures effective manufacturing process
  • Compact design
  • Efficient pulsing vacuum and a programmable, microprocessor. controller, 50 programs
  • The possibility of many options and modes of operation: intense, easy, mild, long lasting or another
  • Ergonomic design, easy to use, simple operation, easy maintenance unit in the necessary hygiene
  • High durability and reliability
  • Precision and aesthetic workmanship


  • Capacity: 300 L
  • Maximum input: 210 kg
  • Speed control adjustable: 1-9 r/min, inverter
  • Controller Mikster Indu iMax500, 50 programs
  • Main engine: 0,37 kW
  • Vacuum pump Busch: 0,45 kW
  • Pulsating under pressure: 0-99%
  • Power supply: 3x400V/50Hz (optional others)
  • Dimensions: 1870x1350x1460mm
  • Approximate weight ~650 kg
  • Entirely made of stainless steel