Talsa MIX65 Mixer

Type: Capacity: 65 litrers
Brand: Talsa
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
Stock: 8 - 12 Weeks from order date
CM Product Code: 7320
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* Model Option - MIX65:

Talsa MIX65 Mixer


  • Reinforced, all stainless steel AISI304 construction.
  • Pneumatically assisted rising of the motor-head for effortless elevation and lowering.
  • Two s/s swivel casters with brake and two fixed ones for easy movement.
  • Food approved plastic lid with holes for addition. Avoids contact of the operator with the paddle and prevents external contamination.
  • Powerful motors and strong gearboxes to easily mix even compact and cold mixtures.
  • 3-Phase motors with double voltage (permits changing the voltage).
  • Automatic stop when lifting the motor head.
  • Sealed & secure low voltage electric switchboxes.
  • Hermetically closed machine base prevents intrusion of water or dirt.
  • Easy cleaning due to the absence of hard to reach corners.
  • Bowl and paddle are folding to ease unloading and cleaning.
  • Hygienic control panel, IP55, with membrane push-buttons.

Model Options:

1) Series “e” (economy): Standard

  • Motorized paddle.
  • Start/stop by safety switch.

2) Series “p” (professional, most popular model):

  • Both paddle & bowl are motorized (more homogenous mix even with small quantities).
  • Forward/reverse paddle and bowl rotation by membrane push-button controls and safety water resistant internal 24V electrical unit.

3) Series “pv” (professional, variable speed): Same “p” series but with versatile variable paddle speed control by potentiometer.



Model e p pv
Bowl Capacity (L)           65 65 65
Meat Capacity max. (Lb) 88 88 88
Machine Power (Hp) 0.40 0.70 0.70
Hygenic Control Pannel Yes Yes Yes
Motorized Bowl No Yes Yes
Bidirectional Mixing No Yes Yes
Variable Paddle Speed No No Yes
Swivel Caster with Break Yes Yes Yes