Meat Flattening Machine 600 mm

Type: Belt width 600 mm
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
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Shipping Dimension: 91 X 44 X 58
Shipping Weight: 1,010 lbs
CM Product Code: 5155
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Meat Flattening Machine 600 mm Belt Width

This CM600-II meat flattening machine is equipped with 4 pressure rollers to flatten fresh or frozen meat materials. Extended surface area is responsible for equal cooking time and minimized frying time.

This meat processing equipment is applicable for processing of all kinds of poultry, pork, beef, potato, cheese and fish in thickness less than 40mm.

Based on exceptional connectivity to plant automation, our food processing machine can work together with meat tenderizer to build production line catering to various needs.


This meat flattening machine has water spraying system to avoid products sticking to conveyor belt.

Protection system ensures safety of your operators.

This meat flattening machine is constructed with stainless steel for reliable performance.

Technical Parameters:

  • Conveying Speed:        3-15m/min (Variable Frequency Speed Control)
  • Belt Width:                   600mm
  • Flattening Thickness:   3-30mm
  • Power:                         1.5kW
  • Overall Dimension:      2135×715×1320mm
Tags: Flatteners