Automatic Digital Meat Flattening Machine 600mm

Type: Belt width 600 mm
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Automatic Digital Meat Flattening Machine 600mm

The machine is widely applied for all poultry, beef, pork, fish and cheese etc. of thickness is less than 30mm.
Fresh or frozen meat is flattened going through two belts rolling towards each other certain thickness to increase the surface appearance of the products.

Thus makes the products to reach the consistency of cooking time and reduce the frying time. It is a professional equipment to produce the Chicken schnitzel, and fish fillet, which are very popular in Today’s market.

The machinery is widely applied for all the poultry, meat, beef, fish potato, cheese and .etc bone meat of thickness less than 30mm.


  • Interface touch screen.
  • Detachable conveying belt, easy to clean.
  • The flattening thickness can be adjusted automatically.
  • Sprinkling device to prevent the products from sticking on the belt.
  • Anti-slippery conveyor belt design.
  • SIEMENS electric apparatus with CE approved safety protection device.
  • Made of stainless steel and engineering plastic, easy to clean and HACCP standard.
  • Easy operation and lower maintenance cost.
  • Access to the meat tenderizer to realize the continuous production.

Technical Specifications:

  • Belt width: 600mm
  • Belt speed: 3~15m/min adjustable
  • Flattening thickness: 5-30mm adjustable
  • Power: 3.05kW
  • Overall dimension for 600mm: 2300×1400×1500mm
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