Horizontal Chicken Breast Slicing Machine

Type: Double lane slicer
U/M: Each
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Shipping Dimension: 95 X 58 X 62
Shipping Weight: 1,323 lbs
HTS Code:8438.50.00
CM: 4993
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* Cutting Tool Configuration:

Metal Guide ( Applies Only for Multi Cut):

* Height of Guiding bar:

* CM-4993 Power Option:

* CM-4993 Extra Optional Accessories:

Automatic Horizontal Chicken Breast Slitter Slicing Machine

Ability to do multiple slices with horizontal cutting, which is also capable of butterflying.

Suitable for fresh poultry

Applications and Features:

  • High cutting precision
  • Multiple slices in single cut with a minimum thickness of 3mm and a maximum thickness of 50mm.
  • Through blade cassette changing
  • Switch between chicken breast slicing function and the butterflying function
  • Cutting thickness can be adjusted easily and quickly.
  • Floating upper belt, wide application for different precut thicknesses.
  • Multilayer cutting of different thicknesses.
  • Double feeding operation, high yield, 120 pieces/min.
  • Quality module type mesh belt, long life guaranteed.
  • SIEMENS electrical parts and CE approved safety service.
  • Made in stainless steel and engineering plastic, easy to clean and HACCP standard.
  • Easy operation and low maintenance cost.

Technical Parameters:

Belt Width 2 x 156 mm
Belt Speed 3~15m/min
Cutting Speed 120 pcs/min (Dual Lane)
Max Product width Input 140 mm
Max Product Height Input/Output Based on Height of Guiding Bar + 5mm of product height
Minimum Cutting Thickness 3 mm
Maximum Cutting Thickness Depends on metal guide combination (see brochure)
Power  480V - 60Hz - 3PH / 220V 60Hz 3PH
Overall Dimension 1780 x 1150 x 1430 mm


Metal Guide Combination Chart

Number of horizontal multilayer blades are based on height of guiding bar.

Tip: Product should always be 5mm higher than guiding bar.

Height of Guiding bar

3mm Metal guide

4mm Metal Guide

5mm Metal Guide


No. of blades - 6

No. of blades - 5

No. of blades - 4


No. of blades - 8

No. of blades - 6

No. of blades - 5


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Parts from well-known International Suppliers