Custom Smokehouse Cart Trolley

Type: Custom Fabrication
Brand: CM Machine Services
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM Product Code: 378
Note: Shipping to be determined
* Smoke Trolley Type:

* Smoke Trolley - Width OD in mm or inches:

* Smoke Trolley - Depth OD in mm or inches:

* Smoke Trolley - Height OD in mm or inches:

* Layer Type (see images below):

* Number of Floors:

* Floor Clearance in mm or inches:

* Tare:

* Eyelet for elevators:

* Smoke stick lengths in mm or inches:

* Smoke stick thickness in mm or inches:

Custom Stainless Steel Smoke Cart Trolley

We tailor your smoke trolleys according to your requirements Manufactured at plant CM Machine Services

We are able to provide H-form,Z-form with various layer types and more...