Finished Product Conveyor

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Finished Product Conveyor

Mainly used to undertake packaged products and convey them to the weight checking/metal detecting equipment or packing platform.

Main Functions and Features:

  • Durable performance, low noise, and maintenance-free features.
  • Different heights of baffle plates and borders as well as spacing between the baffle plates per customer’s requirement.
  • Adjustable conveying speed.
  • Easy maintenance, easy disassembly, and easy cleaning

Technical Parameters:

Contents Specifications
Bosy Material SUS304
Conveyor Type Belt / chain plate
Belt Material PVC / PP
Power Supply single/3phase 220V/380V 50Hz/60Hz, 0.09kW/0.25kW/0.37kW
Conveying Speed 0-12m/min, 0-20m/min, 0-20m/min
Machine DImension per customer requirement
Conveying Belt Width per customer requirement
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