Automatic Meatball Machine S-1500-P

Type: Production: 15000 P/Hr
Brand: 1019
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 25 X 23 X 19
Shipping Weight: 93 lbs
CM Product Code: 88
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Gaser Meatball Former S-1500-P:

Gaser Meatball Shaper Selection S-1500-P:


Can be connected to any filler (outside diameter of output 30mm). This is the basic machine which can then be connected to other device to make croquettes or cannelloni.

Shapers are interchangeable


  • Produces up to 15,000 meatballs per hour (depending on filler speed and type of mixture).
  • Changing the shaper varies the weight (20, 25 or 30 grams), this can range from a maximum of 35 grams to a minimum of 7 grimes to order.
  • Pneumatic operation at 6kg / cm2.
  • Air consumption 150 liters per minute.
  • Tabletop machine.
  • Very easy to clean.
  • Does not require electrical power.
  • Measurements: 450 x 200 x 600 mm.
  • Weight: 25kg.
  • Made in stainless steel.

These are the different dimensions for the S-1500-P meatballs machine (round size)

  • D-20 mm and 7 grams
  • D-25 mm and 12 grams
  • D-27,5 mm and 15 grams
  • D-30 mm and 20 grams
  • D-32,5 mm and 25 grams
  • D-35 mm and 30 grams
  • D-37,5 mm and 35 grams

So, the maximum size is 37,5 mm diameter and 35 grams weight for this model.