Automatic Skewer Machine SK-5000

Type: for single ingredients
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 54 X 47 X 54
Shipping Weight: 441 lbs
CM: 7263
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Note: Price subject to change without notice

Gaser SK-5000 Automatic Skewer Machine

Technical Characteristics:

  • Completely autonomous machine.
  • Made of stainless steel.
  • Produces up to 1500 units / hour
  • For skewers of Ø3.8mm and from 120 mm to 300mm length
  • Adjustable skewer length and but only straight skewers
  • Automatic cleaning
  • Pneumatic operation at 6 bar (kg/cm2)       
  • Air consumption 20 liters / minute
  • Electrical power: 400W
  • Electric current 230V, 50/60Hz
  • Dimensions: 1305 × 1130 × 1320 mm
  • Net weight: 120 kg

The maximum theorical dice that can be used is a 30x30x30mm dice, but machine will be able to adjust if it is little bit bigger like 2-3 more milimeters,

The most common measures are 22 and 30 mm meat dices

Note: Ideal for two employess one on each side