Industrial Smoke-Stick Washer

Type: Capacity: 100-500 pcs
Country of Origin: Germany
Ships from: FOB Brampton
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM: 8513
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Industrial Smoke-Stick Washer

Industrial Smoke stick washer effectively washes the aluminum and stainless-steel smoke sticks of different shapes and lengths up to 1100mm.

The specially designed drum is very effective in removing sticky and grease residue.

Our standard models are for 300 and 500 pcs, others can be customised.

Optional: drying system can be added (Water is drained out from tank, inner drum goes into spinning cycle to remove excess water)


Capacity: 100-500 pcs

Wash temperature: 10 – 90 °C adjustable

Drum speed: 10 rpm.

Feed-in: 400V / 50Hz (Options available on request)

Control voltage: 24


To fill, open the lid of the Industrial smoke-stick washer system and insert the smoke sticks into the open drum.

Tightly close the lid. A proximity switch detects the closed lid and releases the electronics. Set the time on the potentiometer based on the scale and press the green start button. For confirmation, the start button lights up in green. Pressing the start button opens the solenoid valve for the water supply and fills the interior of the machine with water. As the water enters, the operator fills the cleaning agent with a measuring cup into the inlet hopper and thus ensures that the water mixes evenly with the cleaning agent.

After the required water level is reached, the solenoid valve closes. The valve for the steam supply is opened and the steam starts to heat up the water. The desired washing temperature can be freely set between 10°C and 90°C via a rotary knob on the thermostat. At the same time, the drive motor starts to turn the drum and the previously set time begins to run out. After the washing time has elapsed, the engine and the heating turn off. The lighting of the start button goes off. The washing water can now be drained by the operator by opening the Valves (attached under the door). After the washing water has been drained, the lid can be opened.