KT Full Stainless Steel Meat Band Saw 460 (Demo ESA certified) Sold

KT Full Stainless Steel Meat Band Saw 460 (Demo ESA certified)

Type: KT 460 Band Saw
U/M: Each
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Shipping Dimension: 48 X 48 X 72
Shipping Weight: 486 lbs
CM: 557
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STAINLESS BAND SAWS are made of high-quality stainless steel.

Models KT-360 and KT-460 have two speeds for blades, so they are suitable for different type of use depending on the products You are sawing. KT-360 and KT-460 are equipped with either fixed or sliding table.

KT-750 is designed to be used in food industry where You will saw large products. It is available with fixed, sliding or roller table.

  KT-210 KT-360 KT-460 KT-750
Motor 1.1 kW 1.8 kW 1.8 kW 3.0 kW
Blade Speed 1 15 m/s 16 m/s 31 m/s 23 m/s
Blade Speed 2   31 m/s 16 m/s  
Blade size (mm) 1570 x 16 2775 x 20 3135 x 20 4260 x 20
Weight 52 kg 190 kg 220 kg 420 kg

ALL KT-BAND SAWS have been manufactured to the highest specifications using the latest technology. Thanks to the precise adjustment of motor and components, the band saws are reliable, maintenance-free and enjoy a long service life. Every detail is thoroughly considered. Sliding table moves smoothly thanks to the stainless bearings, so it is light to use. In everyday use, KT band saws combine practicality with safety. All KT band saws are CE certified.

SUFFICIENT POWER FOR ANY APPLICATION: Due to their quiet and smooth running and powerful capacity, KT band saws offer excellent performance.

KT band saws fulfil current and pending requirements of the European Standard EN 12268:2003 Band Saw Machines. All band saws are equipped with brake-motor, which ensures that the blade stops quickly after the power has been switched off.

A KT band saw will be safe to operate for many years to come. It is not costly to run a KT band saw - both operating and maintenance costs are lower than ever. The owner has every reason to feel satisfied, now and well into the future. We produce high-quality technological solutions for discerning customers.