Milk Mixer with Helix

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Milk Mixer with Helix

Ideal for processing milk with a continuous motion, it allows to vary the treatment speed in a precise and reliable way, according to the working needs. The mixer is equipped with a propeller, a solid stainless steel structure.

The settings allow to choose the desired function and process the product in a very delicate way. The mixer is also available with temperature probe and digital display.

The electric panels allow to adjust the speed of the mixers in the different processing steps: mixing, curd cutting and tank cleaning.


  • heating and processing of milk with speed control, according to processing needs;
  • precise and gentle curd cutting with a special cutter with helix;
  • accurate cleaning of the tanks with a special central cleanser;
  • speed adjustment via electronic inverter;
  • stainless steel cover of the gearmotor, with self-locking hardware

Accessories included:

  • Helix
  • Wave breaker

Optional accessories:

  • Curd cutter – made of stainless steel and equipped with helix.
  • Copper vats cleanser.
  • Trolley for the curd cutter.
  • Trolley for the cleaning accessories.
  • Trolley for helix, able to contain up to 16 pieces and equipped with revolving wheels.