Modular Racking Systems

Type: 200L/300L
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM: 3612
Note: Shipping to be determined
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* No.of Main Racks:

* No.of Sub-racks:

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Modular Racking Systems

This racking system is designed for 200L and 300L buggies and is made of steel spans (legs) and shelves. 

Shelves have a maximum loading capacity of 250kg each for 200L buggy and 300Kg each for 300L buggy.

Are custom made so, other options to better suit your needs are also available.


How to order:

Rack can be assembled as per the requirement of the user, the spans and shelves allow you to build rack sequences in any length.

Customer to advise No. of main racks and sub-racks required. Each rack consists of 2 shelves and has 3 units.

Example: Customer wants to stack 9 bins, he has to order 1 main rack and 2 sub-racks.

Racking System consists of Main rack with four spans/legs and Sub-racks with two spans/legs.