Nock Derinding Machine Cortex CB 503

Type: cutting width: 500mm
Country of Origin: Germany
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
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CM: 8096
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Nock Cortex CB 503 Automatic Conveyorized Derinding Machine

Conveyorized derinding machine type with pressure unit which is infinitely variable in height with 500 mm cutting width and medium length conveyors.

Features and application range:

  1. with infeed conveyor (850x490 mm)
  2. with discharge conveyor (850x490 mm)
  3. cutting width: 500 mm
  4. cutting speed: 29 m/min
  5. max height of meat: 120mm

Standard Equipment:

  • Infeed conveyor
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Blade gap infinitely adjustable
  • Spring suspended blade holder for perfect derinding results
  • Spring suspended pressure roller, additionally variable in height
  • Tooth roller with scraper comb
  • Compact polygone machine casing with underframe open on all four sides
  • NOCK POWER PLATES for outstanding robustness, service friendliness and smooth and easy to clean surfaces
  • NOCK EASY-FLOW safety cover for reliable product flow and better hygiene during processing
  • Conveyors can be removed within seconds without any tools
  • Lockable castors
  • Material: stainless steel and stainless steel bearings


  • Discharge conveyor for removed skin
  • Plastic modular belts
  • Inflated pressure balloon
  • NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER for higher yield, best quality of the rind, and protection of the pressure wheels with perfect first cut

Technical Data:

Blade gap (mm) 0-5
Apply length on infeed conveyor (mm) 300
Infeed conveyor (mm) 850x490
Discharge conveyor (mm) 850x490
Discharge conveyor for removed skin (mm) 850x490
Overall dimension W x H x D (mm) 865x1350x2280
Weight (kg) 285
Motor performance (kW) 1.1
Electrical connection

3 AC - 400 V - 50 Hz

Other voltages upon request