Nock Fish Skinning Cortex CBF 496 Salmon

Type: cutting width: 430mm
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Nock Cortex CBF 496 Automatic Fish Skinning Machine

Conveyorized fish skinning machine with nock active skin gripper, tooth roller(316 l) with scraper comb, with water water cleaning unit for processing fresh fish and pressure unit with hard pressure roller for fish.

Automatic fish skinner with CF technology and universal application


3 methods of skinning:

  • Deep skinning with sharp blade
  • Thin skinning (shallow skinning) with sharp blade
  • Pulling-off the skin with blunt blade (silver skinning)


Automatic skinning machine with NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER optimized for skinning fresh and smoked salmon


  • Tooth roller (AISI 316L) with grooves and scraper comb (CF technology)
  • NOCK ACTIVE SKIN GRIPPER (AGS)  for thin skinning with sharp blade, no remaining skin on the fish tail
  • Blade gap infinitely adjustable
  • Spring suspended blade holder for perfect skinning results
  • Pressure units with pneumatic release; infinitely height adjustable
  • Special hard pressure roller for salmon, made of polyamide with very long lifetime and more pressure in the middle of the fillet (less pressure at the sides of the fillets = less loss when deep skinning)
  • Water cleaning unit for steady continuous operation when processing fresh fillets
  • Infeed conveyor and discharge conveyor; can be taken out of the machine within seconds without any tools
  • NOCK POWER PLATES for a machine construction which is easy to clean, for outstanding robustness and service friendliness
  • NOCK EASY-FLOW safety cover with pneumatic spring
  • Lockable castors
  • Stainless steel
  • Stainless steel bearings

Technical Specifications:

  • Cutting width: 430mm
  • Cutting speed: 24m/min
  • Max. throughput height: 70mm
  • Blade gap: 0-5mm infinitely adjustable
  • Apply length on infeed conveyor: 400mm
  • Infeed conveyor (1): 850x425mm
  • Discharge conveyor (1): 850x425mm
  • Discharge conveyor for removed skin (1): 650x425mm
  • Overall dimension: 800x1310x1860mm (WxHxD)
  • Weight: 250kg
  • Motor performance: 0.75kW
  • Voltage: 400V 50Hz 3Ph (other voltage are available)
  • Water connection: G 1/4 internal thread
  • Water consumption: approx. 200l/h
  • Compressed air connection: 6<p<10 bar (dry)
  • Compressed air consumption: approx. 30l/min (ambient pressure)


  •     Inflated pressure balloon
  •     Discharge conveyor for removed skin
  •     Additional possibility of positioning of output conveyor for easy bringing together skin and fillet
  •     Double lane model (Cortex CBF 496/7 SALMON TWIN)
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