Ruhle Mixer Massager MPR 150

Type: Load Capacity: 110 Kg
Country of Origin: Germany
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Product Weight: 1367
Shipping Dimension: 62 X 50 X 65
Shipping Weight: 1,654 lbs
CM: 298
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Note: Shipping to be determined
Optional Scraper Arm MPR150:

Installation and Commisioning by Ruhle Specialist:

Ruhle HighTech Tumbler MPR 150

MPR 150 has a 150-liter container and can hold about 110 kg of meat. It is perfectly equipped for tasks of cooling, vacuum treatment, or variable arm speeds for achieving perfect results. The secret of this success is in its control technology, reflecting decades of experience. The HighTech Tumbler use very little floor space and is equipped with a HighTech system, that leads to better products, more creativity, and shorter processing times. A multitude of electronic helpers with a highly flexible computer technology, produces the four process functions of tumbling, mixing, marinating, and salting. Each one of these functions make for better product qualities possible. The feeder system guarantees a shorter working time and better quality.


Networked tablet PC control

The Original Rühle-MPR can be controlled by any tablet or smartphone. Recipes can be created intuitively, and everyday tasks are easily facilitated by a smaller control interface. Your own data can be stored safely using cloud software, which like the control app can be reloaded at any time.


Integrated direct-cooling system for an accurate temperature control

The fast responding and energy saving cooling system, ensures optimum processing temperature setting of -2° C right from the start, resulting in better quality and higher yields.


Variable speed control for optimum movement

Each product is different from the next and so is the required movement of the corresponding material. That’s why the variable speed control ranges from 1 rpm to 50 rpm, leading to the best quality for each individual product.


High capacity vacuum system with aeration for even better results

The best pressure conditions with 95% vacuum, are achieved through a stainless-steel pipe and together with automatic process intervals, leading to a higher quality product.


Automatic container swiveling system which is adaptable

The container position influences the intensity of the working process. That’s why the container moves automatically into the position that’s best suited for the product


Tumbling-scraper arm with bayonet catch for the most comfortable control

Even slippery hands can disconnect or insert the tumbling arm with a jolt. The scraper is easy detachable and are ideal for hygienic conditions. The tumbling arm is shaped in a way that guarantees gentle action on the meat and sensitive materials. With a range of 1 to 50 rpm, it allows all kinds of processes. The scraper supplements these properties with perfect scraping of all container surfaces, so that abrasion does not occur.


Note: The Single scraper arm always comes with the machine, this is a vital part. The Double Scraper Arm can also be used instead of the single scraper arm.

The small inner plough mixing arm is for mixing product such as minced meat. If this is used, the single scraper arm is still used.


Technical Data:

  • Container Size: 150 L
  • Filling Capacity: 115 L
  • Width of Machine: 1200 mm
  • Length of Machine: 800 mm - 1000 mm
  • Height of Machine: 1700 mm - 2100 mm
  • Weight of the Machine: 610 kg
  • Undercarriage: 4 Wheels
  • Coolant: R 404
  • Variable arm drive unit: 0-50 U/min
  • High Vacuum System: 0-95 %