Ruhle Mixer Massager MPR 300

Type: Load Capacity: 220 Kg
Country of Origin: Germany
Ships from: FOB Manufacturer
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 70 X 75 X 102
Shipping Weight: 2,645 lbs
CM: 300
Financing Available
Note: Shipping to be determined
Optional Scraper Arm MPR300:

Ruhle HighTech Tumbler MPR 300

The capacity of the HighTech Tumbler MKR 300 is equivalent to the one shift operation capacity of a traditional 1.200-liter Tumbler because of 75% filling volume and the processing speed. It is possible to produce many batches a day. A multitude of HighTech systems with a highly flexible computer technology, produces the four process functions of tumbling, mixing, marinating, and salting. Each one of these functions make better product qualities possible.


  • Machine comes with a standard single scraper arm
  • 100% container insulation
  • Swivel locking lid
  • Swiveling of the container
  • Direct cooling system
  • Sterilization system 90%
  • Computer control Touch PC
  • Bayonet arm attachment
  • Scraper-pressure attachment

Technical Specifications:

Container Size:       300 Liter
Filling capacity:      220 Liter
Width of machine:      1900 mm
Length of machine:      380 mm - 1800 mm
Height of machine: 2100 mm - 2600 mm
Connected load: 400 V / 4,2 kW / 16 A
Weight of machine: 1100 kg
Coolant: R 404
Variable arm drive unit: 0 - 25 U/min
High vacuum system: 0 - 95 %