Sealing / Cutting

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Sealing / Cutting

Beaded Band beaded band

This very popular band is used for cutting the film layers and concurrently sealing along both sides of the cut line. It is made with tapered edges as well and comes in a wide variety of sizes.

The space behind the bead does not come in contact with the underlayment backing material. As a result heat is not lost from the beaded area; the bead becomes hotter than the adjacent edges, thereby, effecting a cutting action without overheating the sealed edges of the film.

T-Profile Band T-profile band

This band, available in four (4) sizes, is made from solid extruded stock. It has a greater mass per unit of length than the Beaded Band and a sharper cutting edge. It is relieved in the back to minimize contact with its underlayment backing. This band retains its heat and is excellent for concurrently sealing and cutting multi-layers of film or thick film.

Custom Seal-Cut Band (CSC) Custom seal cut band

This special band is a combination of a Tapered Band and a Cutting Wire and is custom made to suit the specific needs of the application. The cut wire can be placed on the centerline of the band or along one edge, depending upon the desired result.

Trim Band Trim band

Not unlike the T-Profile band, the trim band is drawn from solid stock. Offered in three (3) different sizes its cutting edge is formed on the very edge of the band. This band functions well to seal and trim the edge of thicker materials or multi-layers of material where a sharper cutting action is desired.