Skinner Machine Protection Gloves

Type: One Size
Country of Origin: Canada
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Pair
Stock: On Order
CM: 3771
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Skinner Gloves

Maximum comfort, 100% cotton liner Comfortable for intensive use.


  • Very flexible.
  • Liquid-proof coating.
  • AQL 1.5
  • Heavyweight, natural rubber, supported glove

Key Features

  • Heavy duty glove
  • Wrinkle finish for excellent wet & dry grip
  • Ergonomically styled fit providing maximum comfort
  • Cotton liner provide excellent thermal insulation (hot or cold)
  • Compliant with FDA food handling requirements
  • Vulcanization Chemical Accelerators
  • Natural rubber proteins
  • Zinc Diethyldithiocarbamate


  • Automotive Aftermarket
  • Food Processing
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Machinery and Equipment


  • Glass repair and replacement
  • Deboning
  • Steaming, frying, and roasting

Available in one single size only - Sold in lots of 8 Pairs