Vacuum Filler HTS 150S

Type: Production: 3600 kg/hr
Country of Origin: Austria
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 48 X 48 X 80
Shipping Weight: 1,500 lbs
HTS Code:8422.30
CM: 2461
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HTS 150S Vacuum Filler

The HTS 150S is a versatile machine designed for individual applications. It is ideally suited for companies who offer a wide range of products and must work efficiently. This is achieved by a specially designed conveying system that guarantees a constant filling process with minimized residual quantities. This is further complemented by a dynamic and powerful servo drive. The hardened materials used for the conveying mechanism meets high requirements and guarantees long durability. Various accessory devices and clip machines can be controlled via an optional signal connector.

Special features:

  • Efficient operation
  • Minimal residue
  • Easy change of products
  • High precision portioning
  • Compact construction

Standard equipment:

  • 250-liter fold-away hopper   
  • Keyboard - control
  • Rotor number of vanes 14
  • Signal-socket for attachment or clipping machines

Technical Data:

  • Filling capacity: 4000 kg/h
  • Filling pressure: 35 bar
  • Hopper capacity: 250 liters
  • Portion weight: 1 - 100.000 g
  • Portion Performance: 470 portion / minute
  • Connected load: 7.5 kw
  • Number of vanes: 16
  • Net weight: 600 kg
  • Vacuum pump: 16 m3


  • Holding device HV395 - for all type of natural casings, collagen casings, and peelable cellulose casings
  • Mast-type hoisting device
  • 150 liter or 350-liter fold-away hopper
  • Vacuum pump 40m³


3 filling nozzles of choice, tools, grease press, and documentation (comes with the machine)

Note: Filling, portioning, and twisting can be done without a holding device as well.

- Twisting without holding device: The person will need some training and eventually a skilled worker can work without it.

- Basically, a holding device is for holding the casings.

- For specifically plastic casing you need a holding device!