Animal Bone Paste Maker

Type: Capacity: 1000- 2000 kg/hr.
U/M: Each
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CM: 8703
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Animal Bone Paste Mill Grinding Machine

The resulting shear force effectively breaks down the bone and meat materials into a fine paste.

The bone paste grinding machine is equipped with a cooling system to prevent overheating during the grinding process, ensuring the quality and safety of the final product.


Features of the Bone Paste Grinding Machine:

1. Versatile application: This machine is capable of grinding various types of animal bones and meat, making it suitable for a wide range of industries.

2. High efficiency: The powerful motor and unique design of the grinding mechanism ensure a high production capacity and consistent results.

3. Hygienic and easy to clean: The machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring food safety and easy cleaning for optimal hygiene standards.

4. Adjustable grinding fineness: The grinding fineness can be easily adjusted according to specific requirements, allowing for precise control of the final product quality.

5. User-friendly operation: The machine is equipped with an intuitive control panel and ergonomic design, making it easy to operate and control the grinding process.

6. Energy-efficient and cost-effective: Designed to be energy-efficient, reducing operational costs while maintaining high productivity.


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