Automatic Skin Packaging Machine CM057CA

Type: Capacity: 4 trays / cycle
Country of Origin: Taiwan
Ships from: FOB Brampton
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
CM: 8729
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Automatic Vacuum Skin Packaging Machine CM057CA

  • This machine is fully constructed of stainless steel.
  • Comes with safety features. When the electrical box is opened, it will shut down immediately.
  • Can use multiple die sets and easy to change over, PLC touch screen with a movable arm. Operate at 360°.
  • All functions on the screen are presented in narrative, simple to understand.
  • Vacuum / nitrogen, vacuum / skin pack, and sealed packaging.
  • Offering lots of models to meet different sizes of trays.
  • Tray package maintains product shape without deformation problems.
  • Machines can be set up for clear and printed film.
  • Touch screen with choice of multi-language which is easy to read and operate.
  • Automatic tray pusher movement in and out
  • Air supply: 6 bars



Machine dimension

3340 x 1110 x 1550 mm

1 tray

270 x 590 x 100 (depth) mm

2 trays

270 x 277 x 100 (depth) mm

3 trays

270 x 172 x 100 (depth) mm

4 trays

270 x 120 x 100 (depth) mm


4 ~ 10 cycles / min