Thermoforming Packaging Machine B420

Country of Origin: Taiwan
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Thermoforming Packaging Machine B420

  • These Thermoforming Packaging Machine are made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene and safety.
  • Consists of Durable transmission chain.
  • Equipped with Servo motor that provides precise and fast forward functioning.
  • Multi-lingual PLC touch screen.
  • Able to work with automatic filling system, data injecting printing, data thermal printing, film easy to tear, water cooling machine etc.,
  • Simple, and easy to use and change die sets.
  •  Die size and design can be customized as per customer needs.
  • Machine is provisioned with automatic system that will notify about insufficient film supply.
  • High-speed production can reduce considerable labor costs.
  • It can be used to pack powder, paste, solid and liquid products.


Machine dimension

3700 x 950 x 2000mm

Width of forming film

424 mm

Width of sealing film

404 mm

Air Supply

5~7 bar

Water consumption

50~80 L/h


220V 60Hz 3Ph