Ruhle AR 100 Dicer

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CM: 72

The multifunctional top performer​
For quite some time we have asked ourselves why a small dicer of cubes and strips shouldn’t be able to cut more than one batch of product independently, only to find out that the cost factor was the stumbling block. Now we have found a solution and developed our brand new cube dicer.  The cuts are more beautiful and more accurate than ever. Moreover it turned out to be a handy, fully automated machine with a reasonable price and it is very easy to operate.

Automatic chamber filling

Two conveyor belts with non-slip links hold every product tight and transport it safely to the process chamber. Through a simple weight shift of the upper clamp belt it is possible to select variably between hard clamping and soft clamping. A pressure sensitive and adjustable belt drive makes sure that the process chamber is filled properly and that the filling process stops at the right moment. It is better than filling by hand, for all products.

Chamber shutter with cutter

A patented cutter moves during the shutting process in fast steps through the overhanging product. This way the product stays in the ideal cutting position without being shifted as it would happen with a knife that is pushing. Furthermore the cut happens along the complete chamber and not only at the end of the chamber shutter where the cutting edge is positioned. This saves power and guarantees beautiful cubes.


The filling of the chamber from the side proceeds until a certain pressure by precompacting the product is reached. This pressure is variably adjustable and is therefore adaptable to all types of product. After the chamber has been closed the precompacting plunger moves forward against the stationary knife. Now the cutting process with the evenly compacted product starts. These way identical cubes are produced.

The cutting tool

Serrated knives, which create lots of cutting action through a double-pull movement, aled through a solid plastic grid frame which has very good sliding properties. This is suppre orted by stabilisers inside the grid frame and a process chamber in a slanted position. A cutting knife moves with little pressure and lots of pull across the grid frame. The result is a smooth cube surface without being frazzled at the edges


The three-piece grid is assembled in no more than 5 seconds and is positioned in the machine with a self-locking mechanism in a further 3 seconds.  The clamp belts, like everything else, can easily be removed and cleaned. Control handles, which are understood immediately, were installed deliberately despite the use of a PLC control.

Continuous operation quality

Nearly all technical components were field tested over many years and have been operating during continuous operation in our other dicer models. That is why this small, fully automated machine can work in shift operation. The maintenance-friendly design of the machine makes fast maintenance by an engineer even under conditions of continuous load possible. The purely mechanical and oil-free operating machine pushes up to 1.000 kg of load through the chamber without any problems.


  • Fully automatic
  • Angled shaft
  • Lateral pre-compacting by belt
  • Toolbox
  • Stabilisers for soft material
  • Single foot undercarriage
  • Pressure sensitive pre-compacting
  • Multiplex-grid on roller bearings
  • In nite adjustment of forward feed 1-32
  • Mechanical pressure system


  • Sectioning blade for bones
  • Blade-sharpener in the toolbox
  • Cheese-grids in different sizes
  • Roulade kit
  • More than 50 grids

Technical Details

Height of machine:    1300 mm
Length of machine:    1200 mm
Width of machine:    790 - 1500 mm
Connected load:    2,5 kW
Weight of machine:    350 kg
Length of shaft:    350 mm
Width of shaft:    100 mm
Height of shaft:    100 mm
Section length:    1 - 32 mm
Sections:    150 pro min
Cutting temperature:    -5 °C - +80 °C
Cutting output:    1500 k/h
Standard grid-sizes:    5, 10, 20, 50 und 6, 12, 24, 50 und 8, 16, 32