Used Refurbished Ruhle IR17 Curing Brine Injector

Type: Performance: 1500 kg/h
Country of Origin: Germany
Ships from: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 50 X 34 X 83
Shipping Weight: 772 lbs
HTS Code:8438.50.00.90
CM: 8696
Note: Shipping to be determined
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Installation and Training:

Used Refurbished Ruhle IR17 Injector

This Ruhle IR17 machine is equipped with some interesting features, which are unique. This machine only needs 3 liters of brine to run the system, which will save a lot of costs.

As an innovative machine system, it allows for exact and uniform injection quantity, which can inject between 3% and 60% id up to 1.500kg/h meat in one cycle. There is just 2 settings needed and nearly everything works fully automatic.


  • versatile rotary pump, self-priming, dry-run safe, and self-draining
  • complete hose-free system inside, brine guided by stainless steel tubes
  • comfortable control
  • outstanding product inlet height of 280 mm
  • inlet feed ramp
  • standard trolly clearance

Technical Specifications:

  • Machine height: 1.850 mm
  • Machine length: 930 mm
  • Machine width: 580 mm
  • Machine weight: 250 kg
  • Connected load: 220V 60Hz 3Ph
  • Performance: 1.500 kg/h
  • Injection rate: 23 mm
  • Belt width: 250 mm
  • Rows of needles: 2
  • Feed inlet height: 280 mm
  • Injection volume: 3 - 60 %
  • Pressure: 0,5 - 4,2 bar