Vacuum Tilted Massager

Type: Capacity: 1500 literes
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CM Vacuum Tumbler

The swiveling drum vacuum tumbler adopts the horizontal inclined rolling drum that can bear much more loading capacity compared with normal tumbler. With the help of hydraulic discharging system, the emptying process is quick and gentle to the product and can be dosed by raking the drum forward. Adjustable drum angle inclination during both the loading and unloading as well as working time makes it an ideal equipment for the automatic production. Triangular impeller design and frequency control technology are equipped with this machine for different application of products.

The Vacuum massaging machine (Meat Tumbler) makes meat rolled and massaged in the vacuum drum to be salted and marinating. It is able to make the meat salted evenly to increase meat adhesive force and elasticity, better the product taste and section effect, enhance water retention and improve the internal structure of the product. It is applied for the further processing of whole muscle products, including pork, beef, poultry and seafood.


  • Adjustable drum angle inclination for easy loading and unloading.
  • Vacuum tumbler takes advantage of the physical impact principle to make meat kneading and knocking, massaging and salting under the status of vacuum.
  • Vacuum and non-vacuum alternation and breathing style processing makes the meat to be salted evenly to increase adhesive and elasticity and rate of finished product yield.
  • Special designed propeller is good for preventing the meat from being damaged.
  • All process parameters can be freely controlled and programmed, such as lead time, processing time, pause time, vacuum, speed, etc.
  • Vacuum suction or manual loading or lifting device assistance are according to different products
  • Manually operated discharge chute for safe, reliable unloading of finished product.
  • Frequency controlled speed and stable start for heavy loading.
  • The whole machine is made of stainless steel with compact structure.
  • Water ring vacuum pump, air filtration unit, revolving cover gasket, cycloidal pin wheel chain transmission is all equipped to make machine lower noise and more stable performance.

Technical Specifications:

Productivity: 1500-2000 Kg

Volume: 2500 L

Voltage: 575V 60Hz 3Ph

Motor Power: 12 kW

Tumbling Speed: 4-11 r/min adjustable

Vacuum Pump: -0.08 Mpa

Weight of the Machine: 1800 Kg