Ruhle HighTech Tumbler MPR 600

Type: Capacity: 450 kg
Brand: 1037
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 78 X 86 X 120
Shipping Weight: 3,086 lbs
CM Product Code: 301
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Ruhle HighTech Tumbler MPR 600

Maximum performance with HighTech

The capacity of the HighTech Tumbler MKR 600 equals already in one shift operation the capacity of a traditional 2.200 litre Tumbler because with 70% filling volume and twice the processing speed it’s possible to produce many batches a day. A multitude of HighTech systems with a highly flexible computer technology produce the four process functions tumbling, mixing, marinating and salting. Each one of these functions make novel and better product qualities possible.

Technical Details

Container Size: 600 l
Filling capacity: 410 l
Width of machine: 2140 mm
Length of machine: 1580 mm - 1950 mm
Height of machine: 2140 mm - 3000 mm
Connected load: 400 V / 3 kW / 16 A
Weight of machine: 1400 kg
Coolant: R 404
Variable arm drive unit: 0 - 25 U/min
High vacuum system: 0 - 95 %

Direct cooling

A very strong cooling unit leads the coolant directly to the container which is perfectly insulated on all sides. These conditions allow for a very fast temperature regulation and a very precise adaptation to all temperature requirements. This and a little bit of HighTech control make new product qualities possible.

Flexible Programming

Twelve parameters are easily accessible at any stages. Recipes can be created intuitively, and everyday tasks are easily facilitated by a smaller control interface. All made possible by perfect software and reliable hardware.

Mixing and kneeding

The automatic swingable process container with a large diameter, a revolution range up to 50 rpm and a gently kneeding mixing arm. These are the best conditions to solve all mixing tasks with perfect results, from seafood salad to coarse Bratwurst mince and Döner Kebap.

Automatic addition

A multitude of applications lead to better results by adding the brine or marinade step by step during a process program. One fully automatic, computer controlled aspiration system adds the exact amount at just the right time, up to 15 litres per minute.

The scraping arm

The tumbling arm is shaped in a way that guarantees gentle action on the meat and sensitive materials and, with a range of 0 to 25 rpm, allows all kinds of processes. These properties and the perfect scraping of all container surfaces avoid abrasion and product freezing.

Vacuum system

Ajustable from 0% - 95% Vacuum

Integrated feeding-system

The container and the lid are moved fully automatic or with the push of a button and with the integrated feeding system for a 200 litre standard carriage, charging is done in a few seconds and discharging in less then a minute. Varying the container position during the program results in always the right work intensity.


  • 100% container insulation
  • Swivel locking lid
  • Swivelling the container
  • Direct cooling system
  • Sterilisation system 90%
  • Computer control Touch PC
  • Bayonet arm attachment
  • Scraper-pressure attachment
  • CE/GS test certificate


Plough Mixing Arm

Scraper Arm