Ruhle Curing Machine PR 15 Injectors

Type: Performance:1000 kg/h
Brand: Ruhle
Location: FOB Brampton, ON Canada (O)
U/M: Each
Stock: On Order
Shipping Dimension: 50 X 20 X 56
Shipping Weight: 287 lbs
CM Product Code: 554
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Ruhle Curing Machine PR 15 Injectors

PR15 Injector is equipped with a hand-injector (included in the price). The injector is fully made in stainless steel,

also, the transport belt is stainless steel and can be removed completely from the machine for perfect sanitation.

This precise tuned machine system guarantees an accurate and uniform injection which is able to inject 5 % to 40 % of liquid into 1000 kg of meat.



Stainless steel conveyor belt removable for permanent hygiene and grip the non-slip stainless steel belt that takes care of an exact feed for all products and that means repeat accuracy of injections.

Hygiene problems don’t exist because neither protein nore salt have an aging effect on the belt.


High Displacement stainless steel pump goes easy on the meat fibers during injection

The high displacement impeller pump primes even large feed amounts uniform and with extreme low wear.

The process is so gentle at the same time that the meat develops no tears at all.


Uncoverable processing area for perfect cleaning

Two steps uncover the whole processing area in no time at all. This removes all obstacles for a complete and fast cleaning.


Pressure gauge-controlled adjustment for always the right pressure

The accurate injection control allows priming with repeat accuracy and even pressure for all processing situations.


Dynamic needle system for low wear during extreme applications

Every needle adjusts itself through spring force to even bony material fast and reliable. And because the needles have enough margin they hardly ever brake even when curing pig ‘s heads


Large surface filter system for pressure stability with viscous brine

The large filter units enable enough throughput, even when ice brine or viscous brine is used. This guarantees exact pressure and uniform injection.


Single needle hand injector to treat very large pieces of meat

Everything that doesn’t fit onto the belt can be cured right next to the machine with the hand injector. For this all conveying – and pressure systems are being used to achieve a fast hand injection with repeat accuracy.


2 Year Guarantee because we guarantee long term quality

Because we constructed our machines to handle the toughest conditions, we guarantee the functionality of the total machine system except the expendable parts and as long as the operating hours don’t exceed 2000.


Technical Details

Machine height: 1.400 mm

Machine length: 1.270 mm

Machine width: 500 mm

Machine weight: 130 kg

Connected load: 220/230V - 50/60Hz - 3Ph/-/PE

Belt advance feed: 25 mm/step

Belt width: 270 mm

Rows of needles: 2

Feed inlet height: 180 mm